Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday, Monday, Again!

Isn't it amazing how often Mondays come round. They are as regular as clockwork and arrive so quickly. Hardly have I breathed a sigh of relief that it is Friday evening and that two whole days stretch ahead of me to play (well work of a kind) in than it is Monday again. I can't believe it, as Victor Meldrew would say. Talking of VM I have just watched the video 'Wisdom of the Witch' and nearly died laughing. I haven't seen it for years and it was just as funny as the first time I saw it if not more so. I love that man...he is so un-pc! For those who don't know this was from the TV series One Foot in the Grave. So old as I haven't had a television for about 15 years!
I was unable to continue with the clearing out today as I had to go to a meeting this morning and then work all afternoon so I was out of the house all day. Very tiring. The meeting was better than most meetings I've been to lately and I didn't fall asleep in my corner for a change. In fact I actually spoke! But I now have to make a big effort tomorrow to get stuck into the clearing out. And it is a mistake to actually mention that one is going to do something on the blog as sure as eggs are eggs it won't get done. I'm talking about the waxing of my fabrics. They are still unwaxed and likely to remain so until next weekend now. There has been so much going on here that is uncreative that I'm beginning to feel pangs of loss. We have two new sets of neighbours- both of Irish descent. The one immediately next door to us jokingly remarked that the Irish mafia was moving in. I hope he was joking! You know many a true word is spoken in jest! Grin! I have met both the new men but not a sight nor sound of their wives yet. I'm presuming that they do have wives! And the neighbour on the other side is selling up as well so we will have new folks in there eventually. I wonder what we are doing to make everyone start selling up and moving away! We are really very nice quiet people! Grin! After all we are the ones with the drain rods for when the drains back up! Bigger grin! And, I hasten to add, we are right on the end of the drain line so its not us causing problems!
Oh well enough of drains. I want to say a big thank you to all who emailed me with regard to the rubbing plates. I have been able to find a very basic set that is sold in the UK and I have them here in front of me as we speak. They arn't what I wanted but they are a start and hopefully I will be able to add to them in the fullness of time when I find other sources either in this country or across the pond (that will mail to the UK). The set I have does basic texture patterns of dots, grids, parallel lines, squiggles, and waves. I have yet to try them out but I will as soon as I get a moment.
I'm going to leave you with a quiz. I couldn't resist. So sorry!

You Should Get a MFA (Masters of Fine Arts)

You're a blooming artistic talent, even if you aren't quite convinced.
You'd make an incredible artist, photographer, or film maker.

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