Friday, February 03, 2006

This, that and t'other.

I went to Deb Lactiva's site and followed this link. Apparently the song that was #1 the week you were 18 has relevence for the rest of your life. As if! But I was game to give it a go so I dutifully did it and the song that was #1 in the UK charts was Good Luck Charm by Elvis and Deb, dear of her, wrote to me saying I couldn't possibly be that old, hadn't I made a mistake with my calculations. What a sweet child! Made my day! Thanks Deb. The song is obviously working! Incidentally the US #1 was I Can't Stop Loving You by Ray Charles! They are both good theme songs.
Apart from that small comment nothing momentous has happened to me today. I could wax philosophical but I'll spare you. I need every reader I can get! Grin! I am going to watch a DVD in a minute. Desperately Seeking Susan. Suitably mindless enough that it won't tax my overworked Friday brain. And I have a book to read...Remembrance by Jude Deveraux. Again not brain taxing stuff but fun. I've ordered the Phil Rickman trilogy which includes Midwinter of the Spirit so a big thank you to the person who got me into this new (to me) writer. I forget who you are now but many thanks.
Also I have some wonderful Mint Chocolate icecream so I can be indulgent as well and regret it tomorrow. It has real 70% chocolate pieces in it. I'm drooling already. So I'm going to slob out tonight for tomorrow I shall dye! Oh, I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist that. Grin. Hint of things to come....I'm going to play with wax!

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  1. Thanks for that, Val! I'm Mull of Kintyre - very appropriate. Beautiful scenery. My wish, anyway, I hope my destiny ....