Friday, February 10, 2006

Working backwards!

I'm working upside down. You should really read the bottom and work up! I hope this has answered your question Micki!


  1. Holy techniques, batwoman! This has been on my To Try list for some time now, but it has been moved to the Must Try list. I love the look on the voile.
    So little time, so many arts...

  2. Valeri, You are so sweet to explain this in such length. The examples are wonderful. I realized once I started reading your explanation that I know this process as "transfer dyeing". I have not tried it but think I will have to sometime in the near future.
    Thank you so much for this.

  3. Does this mean you found your samples or are these other 'old papers'?? The thing I found hard when I tried disperse printing was that the colours that appear on the paper can be quite different to what you get when it's printed.