Thursday, February 02, 2006

Lookee, lookee!

Isn't it amazing what can turn up when least expected. I was trawling through my overspill room looking for samples I'd done last year for the lesson I'm going to do tomorrow when I came across a big tub of men's ties. One of the joys of having been teaching for years is that one has a great load of samples already done to supplement new stuff...well that's if they can be found! Anyway back to the ties. Lots of them are silk and there are some great designs and some brocades and some textured fabrics. Altogether a great find. I'm so tempted to start a large piece of crazy patchwork. This would be something I could pick up and do when I'm just sitting chatting; either with my Mum or Martin or anyone else come to that. So I'm a very happy camper. And I found some hand-dyed pieces of silk. I obviously had dyed them for something specific I had in mind but whatever it was it wasn't important enough for me to get started at the time and now I don't remember. They are lovely and will add to my silk stash.
I have been having difficulties in getting rid of stuff. It has been worrying me that I have SO MUCH stuff of all descriptions but parting with it has been a headache. However I think I've cracked it. Instead of saying what shall I throw out, I'm now going to say what must I keep! This is a much more positive attitude because it will sort the very important out from the rather mundane. There is more stuff than I will use in the rest of my lifetime so I know I can safely move stuff on but the anxiety lies in making the right decisions and not making a mistake and chucking stuff I'll need in a few months time. So I'm going to go for the 'I can't live without things' first and see how we do.
I have actually come to a fork in the road when it comes to my aspirations and I'm not sure which one to choose. Part of me wants to cut out a lot of the stuff I've been doing to date and concentrate purely on the dyeing and the painting, with the small works that go with this/these, eventually starting to exhibit. But the other part of me wants to continue as I am (is this because its easy?) and not make any effort to change but just gradually do more of one and less of the other. At least I know I'm not being motivated by fear as quite frankly my dear I don't give a damn! What I mean by that is that I have the day job and if all else fails I am supported, and nothing will stop me from being creative even if it is only for me. So consciously I should be able to clear out the clutter but deep inside me is a small voice saying be careful, one day you might want this and not be able to get it! Oh well it will all work out eventually with or without my assistance I expect!
Oh dear nearly forgot the paragraphs. Black mark! Mrs Mel wouldn't be pleased! Especially as she gave me such good advice on making sure I got paragraphs. I bless her daily! Grin!

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  1. That's a really tough question. I'd hate to hear that you stopped teaching. You have so much talent and know-how to offer your students it would be a shame for them to lose you as a resource. And it sounds like you really enjoy teaching. I'd say try to do both for now, even if it means cutting down a bit on your teaching schedule. Just my opinion...