Saturday, February 18, 2006

Keeping on Track

So far, so good! I have quilted the small quilt for Fenella. Nothing spectacular and not the most wonderful of quilting but it is OK. I set my MP3 player up and put my headphones on and had a couple of mindless hours doing some free machine quilting. In future I must quilt things when they are ready as I need time to ponder and work out what I'm going to do not rush in all gung ho and turn out something that just manages not to be a disaster.
My list now is as follows:
1. Have a cup of coffee! a
2. Generally tidy up.
3. Have lunch. a
4. Start dyeing. a
5. While waiting for dyed fabric to cure
------a) Hoover and dust upstairs and clean bathroom a
------b) Make up beds a
6. Wash out dyed fabric. a
7. While waiting for fabric to wash out
------a) Go into attic and put boxes in and take toys out a
------b) Make sure house is child proof a
8. Take fabric out and iron while damp I'm doing this now!
9. Tidy up kitchen a
10. If I'm still up start on embroidery samples and handouts
otherwise start this tomorrow morning. This will be
tomorrow's Frog
I may never blog again! I can see my time just being eaten up by that Frog! Grin


  1. OK, I have to ask- what is the Frog?

    Shir;ey in New Zealand

  2. my, my. you are quite the busy little bee. LOL

  3. my question is the same as Shirley's, I was trying to find out by reading previous must be an acronym for some type of organization system...curious Karoda wants to know :)

  4. Okay. Wait-- you seem to do more things in one day than anyone I know. I think you're the person who invented "multitasking," and I doubt you ever sit down. And you want to do MORE??? When you figure out how, let us in on the secret!

  5. A list! A list! The funny thing is that your list for today differs from mine only in that I haven't any embroidery samples to deal with. Instead, I'm finishing off a fabric book....

    Love the frog concept! It's one of the reasons I prefer to run in the morning. Sometimes it's not about things that you avoid or things that you sdon't want to do, but rather things that get shoved out of the way by bigger, meaner things. Like not running because you have to get groceries, or not quilting something because you have to start on the income tax. Very frustrating. I think I'll make a frog quilt.... for the studio!

  6. A typical home lady whose life revolves around and within every corner of the house. Can I have you as a guest just for one day? You can do your 'quilting stuffs' until evrything is back into place...hehe