Thursday, February 09, 2006

Moving On!

Didn't find my samples even though I asked my angel for help so I shall have to do some more. I started a few pieces which didn't take long to do so I will work out what I need and have a few evenings hand stitching. The old papers from disperse dyeing that I found, sidetracked me and I had to try printing them out. I have called the resulting mess 'Chaos' as that is what my workroom looks like now and what the pieces of fabric reminded me of. But it gee'd up the spirit and I feel resigned to not having found my samples. Sometimes we just have to move on...and I have. What is interesting about disperse dyeing is that the colour of the papers are never the same as the dyed fabric. But they are lovely in their own right and worth keeping for making journal covers or using in collage work. When I have got this workshop under my belt, samples done and dusted, then I will have another go with disperse dyes and be more organised. I found some gold and copper foil in my search so I can have fun with that too. There are always silver linings!


  1. Valeri, all the samples are inspiring! What a great view to start my morning :)

  2. I would say that the lost samples have been a blessing ....I need to loose something so I can have such a creative output...these are so beautiful Ginger