Friday, February 17, 2006


I am now officially on holiday for nine days! Yes! The thought is exhilarating. However although the grand tidy up and clear out is progressing well I am now finding that I can't find things because I've cleared them away. Not to somewhere where they will live permanently but a temporary home which I won't remember. I brought home a big box of paper that they were chucking out at work as I thought it would be superb for Fenella to draw on. She isn't going to worry that there is a logo on one side of each sheet. For days it sat on the floor next to the computer along with some fine continuous sheet computer paper and some old Christmas cards. Then I tidied up. Tonight I wanted that paper to put in the box with her toys and things that we keep in the living room when she is visiting. Could I find it? No! I looked everywhere. I found the listing paper and the cards but not the drawing paper. I gave up in despair coming to the conclusion that a) I was rapidly going round the twist and b) I had a paper and sample stealing poltergeist in the house! Then I saw it. Right in full view on a table! So simple but too simple which is why I'd over looked it each time! Its got to be (a). So sad!
In the search I found a notebook cover I'd started some time ago. Probably the same time as I started the red piece I posted yesterday. Similar ideas. This one is on yellow silk with wax crayon marks and an ironed on nappy liner which had been crayoned over as well. Then I bondawebbed some hand-dyed fabric triangles and bits onto it. I then added hand coloured hand-made paper and dyed fleece (off a sheep) and then machined over all this. Well I started but need to continue. The trouble is that now I'll have to use different paper and fleece as I doubt I can find the same stuff but then that will give it more interest anyway. Think of all the things I'd find if I moved!
I am reading this book! It was recommended by
Alyson B Stanfield who is an ArtBiz coach. It is very good; one of the best books of this kind I've read. And I am following its principles to the letter. So my frog of the day being the cat quilt that is the first thing I'm going to do tomorrow morning. I haven't finished the book I have yet to learn all the wisdom that is included here but I have no doubt it will help me to be more organised and make the most of my limited time. I have been very good today and didn't have the computer on at all this morning. It can't be off all day as I need to check business emails but I haven't allowed it to distract me.

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  1. I love "eat that frog"! I started a Dread/Delayed list (you know those things that keep turning up on every list because they don't get marked off) in January, and it really did help when I realized that just doing one of the things each day, or even each week, made a huge difference. I made all of my doctor and dentist appts. - mammogram, pap smear, etc. As I say it really did help. IN JANUARY.

    February only has ONE thing (balance checkbook) checked off. I'm going to add "eat that frog" at the top of the list and see if it doesn't help me do better!