Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

I hope you are all having a wonderful Valentine's Day. I have never received a Valentine's card in my entire life! :-( My husband, darling as he is, just doesn't do Valentine's cards or birthday cards or cards at all come to that. But he is good on surprise presents so I am not complaining! The biggest thrill today has been going to Asda to do the weekly shop and surprise, surprise I didn't buy a book! That is because I have three new books to read, so I am spoilt for choice. Two are in the Merrily Watkins series by Phil Rickman and the third is a Mary Higgins Clark spooky thriller. Plus a couple of bottles of good red wine and I'm set for a relaxing evening after we've eaten the Chinese I got to save the bother of cooking. I adore Chinese food; my favourite being sweet and sour king prawns in batter.
The day has been wisely if over energetically spent clearing up more stuff. I now look as if I'm moving house as I have boxes all over the place instead of stuff. And with a crawling 6 month old baby and an inquisitive 3 year old due to arrive at the weekend I am having to make sure that everything is child proof. Plus a daughter who is a kleptomaniac when it comes to my stuff! Grin! Fortunately I'm a size larger than her in clothes and a size smaller in shoes so I am safe there. Its the beads, ribbons, fabric, books etc that are at risk!

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  1. Hi Val,

    My husband doesn't do cards either - or presents! I have to buy my own... but at least I always get what I want!