Thursday, January 03, 2008

Cold and without!

It has been bitterly cold today though we are lucky not to have had the snow that they have had in other parts of the country. However it was very windy and wet as well so not a good day to be without my car. I kept telling myself, as I walked to work, that the walk was doing me so much good and that it would be perfectly possible for me to have a mince pie with my coffee which I wouldn't have done if I'd driven. Well it worked for me! And thankfully I was able to collect my car this evening as I will need it for the class tomorrow morning. The amount of stuff I take is legion!
There is a lovely roaring fire downstairs and I really didn't want to come up into the cold spare bedroom to check my emails but I made myself do it. And then I had a little play with the colours in the challenge in one of my paint packages. This was fun but I was too cold to do much. It is hard to keep to the exact colours and I wasn't working in Photoshop where I could have used the colour numbers or the dropper tool to get the right colours. However they are close. I quite like the idea of ragged edges and shapes. I wonder if this would work with layering and then free machine quilting round the shapes. I also spent some time looking at pictures of water and oil pollution and got some ideas there as well, in case I want to do a more factual piece. One thing I will say for this challenge is that it is making me think! However the cold has defeated me tonight and I must away to the fire and my knitting! The rocking chair beckons!

NB The strip at the top is the colour control panel!

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  1. Hi Valeri. I visited your blog tonight as I was looking at my post about Zandra Rhodes and I remembered that you were lucky enough to have her as a tutor at art school! I have chosen her as my most admired person for the Challenge. I love what you have done with the challenge colours.