Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I have not been able to do anything at all creative since Friday. I spent the weekend moving furniture out of the living room into the garage and what wouldn't fit in the garage has gone into the dining area. See middle row of pictures. It is like living in a caravan! No it's worse than living in a caravan! There is no room to move. And that is Martin's computer set up. Fortunately mine is upstairs and I can still get at it...just! On Sunday we ripped up the carpet and rolled it up in strips and put it into dustbin bags. The wonderful dustmen took it away today! Underneath the grotty carpet was an even grottier tiled floor. The colour was sick beige! Then on Monday the wallpaper came off and under that was pale duck-egg blue paint. Actually the hanging strips of wallpaper as seen in picture 1 were quite inspiring and I have some good ideas for a something! Watch this space but don't hold your breath. We have a long way to go yet. Then last night there was the tidying up and sanding down and I went to bed exhausted. Today the first coat of paint went on the walls and the covings were done. Martin is putting on the second coat of paint on the walls as we speak....well as I write to be more accurate! As you can see it is a definite improvement. Tomorrow we start to lay the floor. We have solid light oak wood and it should look good. Then the gloss gets painted. After that all the furniture has to come back and the furniture from the dining area has to also be fitted in while we lay floor in there and then in the hall. Just writing about it makes me feel very very tired! And I haven't mentioned the cupboard that we are building in the alcove nearest the dining area and the shelves above! So I don't think a lot of anything else will get done this week. I'm just glad I got the TIF challenge finished in time!


  1. I was in that same situation about 16 months ago when I remodeled the kitchen and had the hardwood floors refinished in 3 rooms. I had piles of furniture in the living and dining areas and the guest bedroom with a little path through it. It feels like a whole new house though when you get done.

  2. But think how good it'll look when you're finished!

  3. Yes Shirley is right. When it is all finished you will be so pleased with yourselves. Great effort. Keep smiling!