Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rush,rush, rush!

I'm feeling pressurised! Today we bought wooden flooring to lay across most of the downstairs of our house. On Monday a guy we know who is good at these things is coming to help lay it and also to strip wallpaper and decorate the livingroom. So knowing that the house is going to be turned upside down I have been trying to get as much stuff done as possible. This has meant that the TIF challenge has been put to one side for the time being. It is a proper piece now, being backed with neat edges. I bagged it out as I decided not to put binding on and it is looking good. Now I need to applique the leaves on and do whatever quilting I decide on. There is the am I going to quilt it?
Added to my general feeling of stress is the fact that the week after next Caroline comes down with the two grands. Much as I am looking forward to seeing her I am also dreading not being finished in time. Perhaps I could carcerate all three of them in the attic! Just joking!
This week on Friday we are going to do some faux chenille so to that end I have made two faux chenille cushions using a couple of my whirlpool FQ's. As I am writing this at work I have no pictures but they look good and I am pleased with them. They will fit in the newly decorated living room. I have several tote bags where I have used faux chenille as panels and I have to say that I do like the effect. If I have time tonight I'll post some pictures.
I have changed my email as my provider at the moment has been taken over and I have decided to move. It is and is linked to my website so should be OK. I say that because for the last few days my website has been down and my email wasn't working. When I queried this it was because they had suspended the site due to non-payment of registration fee. As I paid this in October for two years I was a tad upset! They re-instated the site but there was not a word of apology for causing me such grief. Yet when I had a problem several years ago they couldn't have been more helpful or more concerned. How things have changed!

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