Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Years Day

This is the batch of dyeing I did yesterday. They were mostly overdyes except for the control colours. Among them I got what I call Victorian Wallpaper pieces. I've marked a couple with a black cross. I actually like these pieces as they can be just what is needed in a quilt or an appliqué and they are marvellous for leaves.
The selection below are some colours that were piled up in the ironing pile together and I thought what a great collection. So I have put them by to work with. I think they will be ideal for my series on Lemons! The trouble with fabric is that one has to really be able to see and touch it to really appreciate it. Pictures just don't cut it!

This is the 1st January and the first of the the Take it Further challenge set by Sharon B. When I read it my brain died! Too much, too soon. But then on reading it again I decided that it would have to be the colour. There are too many people who's work I admire and choosing one would be hard. So colour it is. These are colours that I don't often put together but do like. They are not as bright as I would normally use so this will be a new experience. At the moment I am thinking water, oil and feathers. But I have decided to make whatever I do abstract; keep it fairly small (no bigger than A3); and work in a sketch book. This last may be my intention now but could fall by the wayside as I am an intuitive 'artist' and tend to work directly onto the surface being fabric or paper. Lots of 'on the way' photos! When I look back next January what will I feel/think? What will I have learnt? Who knows!


  1. What a great start to the new year. Wishing you much success with your new work...can't wait to see the results. You are such an inspiration!

  2. Thank you Gabrielle. I'm going to try to write about the challenge daily as this will underline my ability to follow through! I hope!

  3. I shall look forward to your challenge progressing with interest too!