Wednesday, January 02, 2008

This and that!

I spent some time today looking through my stash for fabrics which matched the 'challenge' colours. Some I was able to get spot on but the eau de nil colour second in from the left was difficult and the piece I've got is more turquoise. It was the best I could do so I won't use a lot of this. I have made a rule that I am only going to use what is to hand so if I can't be exact then the nearest match will have to do. Also I found some interesting yarn and beads that might work in well. So far so good! Now to think of the 'what'. I might pull some photos out of my album for inspiration. I'm still thinking water. It doesn't help that the printer has not caught the colours exactly as they appear on the screen. But I feel a start has been made.

I have given up on the socks. I think this wool was too ambitious for a sock knitting beginner. So it is now being knitted into a strip. I'm not calling it a scarf as it might end up as a luxurious hot water bottle cover. If it makes it to scarfdom then it will be very soft and cosy. It is easy to knit with and I am using big wooden needles so it should grow apace. I hope so!
I have continued with the clearances and now have a wonderfully tidy sock-stocking drawer, scarf drawer and lingerie drawer; and my makeup is all tidy and findable. We went into Truro this afternoon and I was again beguiled by the sales and bought some more tops which had been reduced even further and some small 'really useful' plastic boxes in several sizes. I will be so organised soon that I just won't know myself. Long may it continue. Back to work tomorrow and I have to walk as my car is at the garage being fitted up for its annual M.O.T. But we won't talk about that as it is a fraught subject.


  1. When I was a child we lived on a farm and there was no heat in the upstairs bedrooms. My dad would bring in shelled corn and they would heat it on a stove and put it in a sock to warm our beds. The year that we got water bottles for Christmas was so exciting. Now we take care of the bedwarming ourselves. I wonder how many others over here in the US used hot water bottles.

  2. that line should say now we COULD take car of the bedwarming ourselves.