Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Faux Chenille

I have just spent the last two hours in the attic so no time to take pictures of the cushions. But here is one of the bags which I made last year. The fabric was layered five deep and then the flowers laid on top. I used several colours to get the petal effect. Then I stitched across the whole thing diagonally. I used a Clover channel slicer which did the job in next to no time and then after a go in the washing machine, voila a piece of faux chenille.
When Martin and his friend Kieran layed the floor in the attic they did a side at a time and just moved the boxes etc from one side to the other. I am now going through a tightly packed heap of stuff and trying to make an organised plan. What I'm finding is though that their tightly packed heap is turning into a large sprawling mess. And this even though I'm chucking stuff as I go! Eventually it will all be neat and tidy! I hope!


  1. HOW did you get the gorgeous flower effect? I've done some "pocket" sized samples just using scissors and wondered about buying the chenile cutting tool - DOES it make it easier?
    the bag is YUMMY-SCRUMMY and I WANTS ITTTTT!!
    Sue ;-)

  2. Sue it's definitely worth getting a cutting tool as it does the job so quickly. It's the applique effect that makes the flowers so cool. You could do any applique and it would work. Just a dab of glue to hold in place while doing the channel stitching.