Monday, January 14, 2008

On being organised!

I felt that now was a good time to re-read the above book. Of all the self motivation books there are out there I like this one best. It is easy to read and is such sound common sense. Working on the premise that lists are good I have been making lists for all eventualities. A list of what I hope to achieve by this time next year and then that broken down into what I hope to achieve this month and then this week and lastly day by day. According to the book those who plan ahead get on better and with more to show for their activities. I haven't only looked at long term goals but also at things that need to be done soon or in the not too distant future. And I've broken everything down into importance categories. In fact I feel really pleased with myself.
One of my long term goals is to teach myself Spanish and breaking this down into sizable mouthfuls means I learn 4 words a day! This is good! This is about what I can manage! The first words I have learnt are the Spanish for 'where', 'what', 'how' and 'when'. I didn't realise at the time but these are good words in relation to my quilting-sewing work. Where am I going with this design? What am I going to use for fabric, thread, etc? How am I going to put it all together and when am I going to do it? I must remember this when starting a new piece and I will be starting new pieces because one of my other long term goals is to achieve a new piece of work each month and end up with at least 12 items by this time next year. Along with the weight loss and the tidy and decorated house etc etc. I just love making these lists; isn't it a pity that I'm not so good on following through. Perhaps now I've told it to the world I'll feel shamed into getting it all done!
But the TIF challenge is coming on. I have found it a challenge as it has made me question my decisions so that I move away from safe and simple and try something different. At the moment I'm not sure how to stitch on my piece. Do I machine stitch or hand stitch? Something free and curvy or straight and restrained? I am working with two ideas in my head. The elegance and solid vision of Greek ruins and the wildly spiraling and curving ivy and vines that find their way onto these uptight stones. Perhaps a bit of both? I shall sleep on it. As Scarlet O'Hara said 'tomorrow is another day'.

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  1. dh managed a few words of Spanish too. but mostly two. beers. please. LARGE ONES. and bill, please. no. wait thats quite a LOT of words ..

    LISTS definitely help! I am rather woolly on my actual achievements as compared with what I THINK I'm going to do and, of course, its switching the pc OFF and sew mach ON!
    good luck!!