Friday, January 25, 2008


I have finished the TIF challenge! It is perhaps not as detailed as I might have made it had I not had so much else going on at the same time but it has ended up as I visualised it which is a good thing I suppose! I wanted to keep it simple as I have good intentions of working further with this concept and perhaps doing another piece or pieces. I think it has great possibilities so I will continue to work designs around this idea in my sketchbook and hope for some free time to actually get down to sewing them out. The picture isn't brilliant and I don't know how much detail can be seen. If I could do one part again I would do the satin stitching on the leaves differently and I would make the twisting stem of cord and not stitch it as doing the twists was a pain. Hopefully by December I will have perfected the actual putting together of my designs. Did I enjoy doing it? Yes, very much so and it made me look at colour and shapes in a completely different way for me. I saw the purple and mauve as shadows which complemented the beige of the columns and the background colour being the colour of a murky sky viewed through a haze of leafy shapes. I'm now looking forward to February's challenge. But first I've got to get through the trauma of laying the floor, decorating, clearing up and preparing for the enslaught of the family! Oh what fun!


  1. This is a great design Valerie. I shall be looking out for further developments.

  2. Val, It's absolutely lovely. Had you thought of adding shadows with colored pencils? May be next piece? Can't wait to see what happens in Feb.

  3. If I hadn't been so stretched for time Gabrielle I would have got to work with the coloured pencils and water solubles but alas no time. However I have plans to come back and titivate later.