Thursday, January 10, 2008

More TIF Challenge!

I was able to work more on the TIF challenge today even though it was a day fraught with problems. The first one was that the paper recycling people came at the crack of dawn or even before that it was so dark. I noticed the flashing yellow light on their cart and looked out to be horrified as I had nothing by the side of the road but a large, no an enormous pile of cardboard blocking my hallway. So in the howling gale and spitting rain and in my dressing gown I hauled all the stuff out just in time! My neighbour wasn't so lucky as the wind caught one of her bags and tins and plastic bottles blew everywhere. And then second trauma of the day, Martin's car wouldn't start so I had to give him a tow. I was dressed by this time but he had to have two goes as the first time he turned the engine off again to see if it would re-start. It didn't! Eventually I was able to have breakfast and get under way.
After all this I found it relaxing working on the piece and very therapeutic. So far I like what I've done though I haven't done any stitching yet and the leaves and thread are only placed over the fused pieces. Tomorrow is a teaching day but perhaps tomorrow evening I'll be able to do a bit more. I'm thinking of a border in the deeper purple. Only a small one but I think it will set it off.


  1. your piece is turning out lovely! It reminds me of Greece.

    My recycle man comes at 3 am! I wear earplugs on the night he comes and close the blinds tight!!

  2. Too funny, Val. I am laughing at the keyboard over the image of you racing against time and the wind...and then having to get Martin on the road.
    BTW, really like the new work. Eager to see what you do with the stitching

  3. A very good idea! beautiful !

  4. Gorgeous, love that background!