Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Under Way!

I have started! That is half the battle; actually cutting into the fabric and laying it out. I fused all the fabric and then cut the pieces out and layed them in place. In the photo the pieces have curled up because they still have the paper in place. Tomorrow I will fuse them and then the piece will begin to come alive. I'm finding this really quite exciting and enjoying working on it. Suddenly I find that I am motivated and full of ideas regarding this piece. Shall I use the yarns I found as embellishment? Could the green thread be used to link the leaves together? What if I put a border on and let the leaves fall outside the piece onto the border or even be free-form and dangle from the bottom. There are so many what-ifs! But it is beginning to be real to me and I am just thankful that we have a whole month to work on it as I think I'll need that time to come to a successful conclusion. I do like what I've done so far and that is always a bonus!
Not a lot else is being done! Is that surprising! I am trying to organise my wardrobe. I bought a lot of clothes in the sales. I'm amazed that Marks and Spencers had such a poor time in the sales as I would have thought that the amount I bought would have kept their shares in the black for a long time! Now I have to find clothing that I can get rid of to make room for the new. I have been looking on the web for 'wardrobe planners' where one can list all the clothes in one's wardrobe but to no avail. I shall have to design something myself so that at a glance I can see what I have, what colour it is and what pieces work well together. This would save so much time and cut the agonising over what to wear.
In a previous post's comments Wanda said of putting boxes in the attic that that was fine as long as one marked the boxes. Cleverly I marked the boxes but now I can't think what the descriptions belong to. How clever is that! Words such as 'files', photos (when one has several boxes marked thus),stuff!?!, old stuff and paper have so many meanings. I obviously thought I knew what I was doing at the time! Ah head will never save my body!

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