Sunday, January 06, 2008

More doodling!

I had found the photograph of part of a ruined Greek temple while clearing out and had stuck it in the corner of the mirror in the room where my computer now lives. This was one of a series of photos that my father took in the 1930's. The mirror is even older! I was struck by the idea of temples and blocks for the Challenge - Take it Further, so I did some rough sketches playing with ideas this brought forth. They were lightly done and I have shown pictures of the later ones. I think this one is the one I am going to run with. I like the idea of vines trailing across the piece. Every ruin I have seen has had vines or ivy running riot over all or parts of it and I will be able to bring in the green fabric. The purple and lilac fabrics will represent shadows. The roof recess and the floor inside. The eu-de-nil shade will be the sky except that the fabric I have is more akin to a light turquoise. The next stage will be to work out how big I want to work. Certainly not larger than A4 landscaped, but I did wonder whether it might work as postcard art. In fact I'm sure it would but is that what I want? I am concerned that the process is rapidly overtaking the action! This page below is from an earlier sketch book that I did using other photos from this collection as inspiration.

Today we went to Trago's, our local buy it while you see it store. And while Martin perused the basement for motor bits I went to the art section and found a box with 110 felt tips for £1.79. (About $4 perhaps a bit less) Imagine my dismay when I got home to find that the top layer which was visible was all I was going to get colourwise as the underneath layers were all repeats! What a swizz! There I was imagining all kinds of nuances of colour with the usefulness of being able to shade from one colour to another. Made in China of course! Not that there is anything wrong with them, I just feel let down! I was restrained. They were the sum total of my arty buying. Oh well. I can feel virtuous about that!


  1. How lucky you are to have such photos to work from- I can't help but think how I would love to have been able to see such historic treasures then, before pollution and too many people did their damage. And I like your ideas for the challenge, too. Look forward to seeing the finished product!

  2. Love the drawings... can't wait to see what this becomes.

  3. Val, These drawings are spectacular. What a great series they would be...excited to see how you create them in cloth.

    Oh, and I am sure we were twins separated at