Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Looking back; looking forward!

I am having to work on my laptop as I don't want to go upstairs and work in the cold. And the lovely log fire is too nice to leave! So I have no pictures available of current stuff. However I found this picture I took last summer and thought what a good composition it would make for a landscape piece of work. Especially one done in an abstract manner. The blocks at the forefront of the picture are so strong and have such fantastic shapes. The hint of white foam on the waves and the contrast of the various blues all are inspirational in their own way. So I'm glad I was hunting through files as this will be something I work on soon. And also there is the promise of another summer to come. Something to look forward to.
I have enlarged the drawing for the TIF challenge and will work at about 14 x 9. This is a good size as it is large enough to convey what I want to say but small enough that I won't get bored! Depending on how this piece ends up it is also a good size for a table mat! I could end up with 12 different 'arty' table mats! Could be worse! I have a free morning tomorrow so will try and get the pieces cut out and fused. How did we manage before bondaweb? I know I was a great fan of Pritt Stick but it still meant lots of outline sewing to keep the pieces from shifting.
I have noticed that as I lose weight so I am becoming unbearably energetic and enthusiastic! But I am not becoming a weight loss fanatic (over a stone so far!)as I'm off now to eat a piece of fudge! Yummy! And I can't really say I'm doing a lot of exercise....a bit of Salsa dancing now and then!

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