Thursday, December 29, 2005

Almost back to normal....

It has been a strange day so far. Martin went off to work this morning and the day started like a normal day would except that I didn't have to go into work this afternoon. Before he left Martin asked what I'd be doing and I said that I thought I'd clear up my computer desk and surrounding area. Fortunately I didn't go any further and think of anything else I could do because that cleaning up of the computer area has taken nearly all day! I wish I'd taken a before picture so that you could actually see the magnitude of my task. As I write this I'm imbibing a much needed cup of coffee (latte) and eating un-iced Christmas cake. Well it has to be finished by the first of the month when my new resolutions kick in! I didn't realise just how much junk I have on, under and around my computer desk. It is a large one and hides a multitude of sins. Some of this junk goes back to 2002! I have been very good and filed things in the proper place and thrown things away that I wasn't going to use, need, look at in a month of Sundays. Plus I dusted and wiped every flat surface so there isn't a speck of dust to be seen. The wood is a golden colour and not grey as might have been imagined! I am really very pleased with myself. There is only one fly in my ointment and that is that the paper men came at 10.00 this morning and took all the waste paper away which was much too early and so I have another pile ready to go already and they won't be back for a fortnight. But that is minor compared with the satisfaction of being able to find and see things on my desk!
Also the day started well as the postman brought me a late Christmas present. I now have Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit book and any moment now I shall be sitting down to start reading it! I heard so many good comments about this book that I decided to put it on my Christmas list. Now I have only one more book to arrive and that is one by Velda Newman. That is the trouble with going around and reading other people's blogs. They will talk about exciting books they've either read or are reading and then I have to look up them up and sometimes just have to have them! Bad or what! I'm going to have to go to the library and see if I can find some Phil Rickman books after being inspired by reading about one of his books on Dakini Dreams blog. I am a sucker for murder mysteries or even just mysteries.
I'm so glad all you anonymous bloggers liked the picture of the 'gum tree'. I can't spell its name so I'm not even going to try! Yes Maureen, it did have an amazing trunk in whites, beiges and grey - almost like a painting but sadly I didn't get a photo at the time as I had to take the opportunity to cross the road while I could. Otherwise I might have stolen a few leaves to make rubbings from. But I will go back expressly for that purpose! I love silver birches for the same reason that their colouring is so exciting especially the trunks.
I'm not doing any sewing, neither am I drawing or doing anything creative at all and I have to say that it isn't bothering me one iota. I am enjoying being able to laze about, do what I feel like doing and read books. This isn't to say that I'm not germanating ideas, just that I am happy to let them percolate for a bit before doing anything about them. This new year is going to be completely different for me and my attitude to life but more of that another day.

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  1. You deserve to be slothful for a while after all that desk-cleaning. Ick - been there, done that. And the clean surface lasts in my house for about a week.

    Happy New Year, Valeri.