Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I knew it! I was right!

I knew I'd be tired and exhausted after doing the shopping, hence the photos beforehand, just in case I was SO exhausted that I couldn't even turn the computer on at all! I was right! I have bought enough food to feed the forty thousand and boy are we going to eat well over Christmas. But then I was shopping for about ten days worth of food. I am not intending to do the full outing of turkey, stuffings etc etc. We are going to have a chicken, leek and cheese pie which is about as non traditional as one can get. I will do bread sauce, roast potatoes, sprouts with bacon plus other veggies and gravy. And we will have one of the Christmas puddings with cream and/or Creme Anglaise which is much nicer than the ubiquitous custard. Plus a trifle and mince pies. So I don't think we will starve. And on Boxing Day we are going for the big family meal at my sister's which will be very traditional with turkey and all the trimmings. I'm looking forward to that bit as it won't be my responsibility to do all the organising. So now because I am a lazy toad we are going to have a late dinner of Chinese stuff. So easy just to heat it up in the oven, but oh so nice too! A real treat! So bon appetite to me! And I seem to be finished bar the shouting so I can now relax! Tomorrow is our works Christmas lunch. I shall take loads of photos! This is what everyone is afraid of! Ho! ho! ho!

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  1. What's bread sauce. I love reading about other holiday eats. The photo below is wonderful. I didn't realize it could be tropical like in Cornwall. Now I get why the snow was freaking everyone. Merry Christmas!