Sunday, December 04, 2005

SSL 4 Capture the Light.

I found a few things that I think fit the subject. I wasn't sure as to what was actually wanted so I took a large selection of things. Not sure which one I'll run with. While filming the candle flame I got the camera a bit close and of course its plastic! So I now have a slightly indented front to my camera. But it still works OK. Well it did after I'd cleaned the lense! Got some lovely smokey pictures with a dirty lense. As good as having a filter. I'm looking forward to seeing what others do!


  1. Very cool possibilities there, Valeri! It'll be ineresting to see what you choose and what you do with it.

    FWIW, my personal favorite is the "ivy by streetlight" photo. I wouldn't have known what that was if you hadn't said, but it has a very interesting abstract look to it. I also really like the computer screen shot. I'm not sure it conveys the idea of "light" as much as some of the others but it sure has some interesting design possibilities!

  2. Val this is a great series. Have you decided which one to work with? Love the ivy by street light and the mouse glow photos. Haven't even started on mine yet..Yikes! However, you have inspired me to get to work. Hope you are well soon...nothing worse than being under the weather and trying to be creative.