Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I have survived! It was touch and go at one point but I bravely struggled on and finally made it back to the 9th floor of the multi-storey car park and our car. Martin made me walk down the stairs when we arrived but allowed me to use the lift on our way back. Well he knew that if he'd made me use the stairs we could still be there now! Although I only had to visit half a dozen shops because I had THE LIST we probably passed every single shop in Truro. And we went past the new/old fabric shop several times and I didn't go in once! I deserve a medal for that! This is a fabric shop that started out life being situated in a market off Lemon Street and the fabric was piled high from floor to ceiling and cost next to nothing if you had the fortitude to wait while the top layers were lifted down to reach the one you wanted on the bottom. Many a happy day was whiled away there. Then as other fabric shops closed down they made the move to a proper shop several streets away and went from strength to strength ending up with four shops in all in the area. Then this year they made the big move to a modern complex on the Plaza near to the new large Marks and Spencers. And like all other fairy tales there is a worm in the apple. They are now the only fabric store in Truro and their prices are no longer cheap! But they have lovely stuff and I could have browsed happily for hours. But no I was really really strong. Probably because I was with Martin. He has that effect on me even though we parted company several times to do our own buyings. But I lost the will to live in HMV buying stuff as the queue was so long. It had to be done.

And then after a lovely lunch with Sue in her lunch break we came home via the garden centre and I bought some bulbs. Martin treated us to lunch which was good of him as he was doing all the driving. After coffee and cake and a totting up of the expenditure which seemed to be the same size as the GDP of a small emerging nation, I actually found my way to the workroom and finished the bag! So I am feeling really pleased. A holiday day well spent.

Oh and we went to Staples so Martin could buy a diary and I found some wonderful see through little bags which will be ideal for keeping my fabric pens and permanent markers in. In fact I indulged myself quite considerably buying folders, files and two dinky little boxes for storing stuff. Plus a wall chart for plotting my doings each month. Well I'm going to be making some big new year resolutions and I'll need all the help I can get! Grin! Now I just have to wrap all this stuff up, write cards, find some boxes and get it all posted off. I need a slave!

And Emily thanks for the comments. You always post with no return address so I can't email and thank you. When are you moving down here?


  1. Stationery is addictive isn't it?

    Never thought to put my email address in - the boxes just ask for my web page. You can always get me on :-) I'm leaving my job at the end of Feb, so hopefully will be down not long after that - everything's still a bit up in the air with the house, but we're definitely on our way, house or no!

  2. Oh, I was at the Truro Fabric shoppe a couple of weeks ago. The new one was only half open, and the olden one was still going ~ just. But wow! I was most impressed, and the amount of yummies I saw made me want to spend lots! Just as well it is over an hour away from little ole moi . . .