Monday, December 12, 2005

A Very Frustrating Day!

I have had a very frustrating day! It started off so well too. I needed some letter stamps which I thought were in a tub in the boot of my car and lo and behold they were. So that was a good start as if they hadn't been there I wouldn't have had a clue where to look. Then the bag I'm making all went together without any problems. I was beginning to think that I was on a roll and nothing could go wrong. Bad thinking! After this not a thing went right. I have spent most of the day trying to order a subscription to Metalsmith magazine for my daughter who is a jeweller. won't allow me to subscribe because I don't live in mainland America and the publishers have no apparent website. She has only ever picked it up at the Crafts Council in London and on searching their website it seems only to be available in their library. So I am stuck. If anyone who is reading this knows of anyway I can get a subscription to this magazine I would be eternally grateful.
And then to add insult to injury the same daughter pleaded with me to just nip down to the post office and post off a parcel I was going to post on Wednesday when I brave Truro again (but with Martin this time!)as it wouldn't take me a minute. Well my heart fell when I opened the post office door. The queue was all the way round the room and in fact it took me all of half an hour before I got served. So long did I spend over this quick minute job that I had to rush off to work with no lunch!
Because all troubles come in threes I had another upset when I wanted to find a postcode for the boss. I logged onto the Royal Mail site and went to the trouble of opening an account and filled in all the required forms only to find when I eventually got round to inserting the address that it didn't exist in their database! So today has not been one of my better ones. I should be up in the workroom either finishing off the bag or going through my stash sorting out fabrics for a project. I am in fact doing neither of these two things and am instead fooling around on the computer. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!


  1. Now do you really want me to sing Tomorrow from the movie Annie? Hoping tomorrow is indeed much better for you.

  2. Hey, you got rid of all the hassles today...tomorrow should be flowing with good energy. I have had the same kind of day only on a different subject...will post the sad story on the blog later.
    Keep smiling...illigitimus non carborundum.

  3. Val, have you tried Borders? They stock a lot of US magazines - there are several of them in London (one in Charing Cross Road, I know). That's where I go for Belle Armoire magazine whenever I'm in Bristol (it's usually sold out when I go there... but I know they do stock it....). They may be able to organise something.