Thursday, December 08, 2005

To shop or not to shop?That is the question!

Now I know why I don't like going to Truro. It took me forty minutes to do a twenty minute journey this morning and then even though I had arrived before life began I couldn't find anywhere to park that wasn't going to cost me an arm and a leg. I begrudge paying for parking anyway, Scrooge that I am, so I parked do far out of town that I could almost have walked from home. And joy of joys, it was all down hill into the centre of town which meant that it would be all up hill on the way back. Lovely! I don't think so! And even at that unearthly hour of the morning the town or should I say city, was crowded. This is because its Christmas and the mad panic buying has started. Truro is a city because it has a Cathedral. This cathedral is quite attractive in a kind of cosy way. It is tucked into the centre of the city surrounded by shops and yet manages to maintain its air of gravity and seniority. As cathedrals go it isn't that old having been built in Victorian times and being a prime example of Victorian gothic architecture. It is possible to get to Truro by boat from Falmouth following the river upstream. The channel is very narrow and at low tide it isn't possible to actually get right up to Truro but one has to stop at Malpas and take a bus the rest of the way. It is very easy if one doesn't get the tides right to get marooned on the mud.
So I went into Truro, bought nothing, didn't see the person I'd gone in to see and came home a lot quicker than I went. So a good time was had by all! So really quite a nothing morning. But it didn't rain. One must count one's blessings!

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