Friday, December 09, 2005

Well my classes are over now for another year. I am on holiday from teaching for a month. Well that's if you don't count the 'for fun' workshop I'm doing tomorrow morning on making fabric postcards. But this will be completely different and I won't be having to pontificate or make constructive comments. It will be a laugh a minute class and I shall love it and so I hope will the students. I'm sure they will as they are a wonderful bunch who in class today gave me a Christmas card with a voucher inside for Creative Grids. I was so touched! I will be able to indulge after Christmas when I see what Santa didn't put in my stocking and won't feel disappointed because I know I'll be able to get it myself. Wasn't that nice of them?

I have started to re-read this book. It was prescribed reading when I was doing my Masters in History of Art. (which I didn't finish sadly due to family problems- one day! ) It is a simple book and not hard to read but it has some very good points regarding the viewing of art. It builds round the premise that seeing comes before speaking. We all see the same thing but we use different words to describe it. And the data we use in seeing is generated by so many things; our place in society, our education, our upbringing, the way we think and how we feel, just to name a few. It is not a new book being first brought out in the '70s but I am finding that I am enjoying it as much if not more than when I first read it. I haven't got that far with it yet as I just picked it out of the bookcase to be in my bag in case of need. I like to have a book to read if I get stuck in traffic or have to hang around and wait at any time. It staves off boredom.

I have several things to make so I am now going to devote my time to making these as they are for Christmas presents. Which is why I'm not saying what they are. I do know that I will be working, using every hour God sends, hoping to get them done in time. Why oh why do I procrastinate so much when it comes to Christmas! I do it every year. Will I never learn!


  1. I simply cannot add another book to my list but I hope you share what provokes you and opens you from this book.

    Laugh a lot tomorrow!

  2. Take heart, I have managed to purchase two of the many presents necessary for the Swain clan. I should go to the mall today but on a cold Saturday, it just doesn't appeal. We'll get it done somehow.