Monday, December 26, 2005

Family get together

We had a lovely lunch and the food was fantastic but I was told strictly no photographs. So I have no photos to show except for the few I snuck in! My sister has a phobia about photographs being taken so I had to be discreet! We had a great time with lots of laughs and our team lost at Trivial Pursuit but then we were against the youngsters and their knowledge of events and modern music is far superior to mine or any of the others on my team. But it was a good laugh. Now I'm going back to reading the Da Vinci Code which was hard to put down. I shall be lost for the evening. And isn't it lovely...another holiday tomorrow in lieu of the fact that Christmas Day was on a Sunday. So all in all a three day holiday! Martin is off until Thursday and I don't go back to work until Tuesday week and by the time that comes round I'll have forgotten what work is like! Plenty of time in between to work on my New Year's plans.

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