Friday, December 30, 2005

The Widow's Cruse of Oil!

I have been very good today. Yesterday a plastic envelope was pushed through the letterbox containing a large plastic sack from one of the local charities. Martin had already been through his wardrobe and pulled out loads of jeans that he no longer wore for one reason or another. They were all in good condition so into the sack they went. Then I went through my handbag collection and was totally ruthless - it hurt as I am the Imelda of handbags - but at least I pruned them down to three or four which is very good for me. Finally I took everything out of my wardrobe and chose half a dozen trousers and skirts and matched them with tops and jackets. With what was left I picked out a few things that I couldn't live without and tossed the rest. The pile to give away was huge! I had over 20 spare hangers on the bed but what I found totally amazing was that the wardrobe seemed to be as full as ever. It was the widow's cruse of oil syndrome at work. I had difficulty in getting my head round it. To all intents and purposes the sight of more than twenty empty hangers plus a gigantic heap of clothes should have meant a bare or nearly empty wardrobe! Where had all the clothes come from? Don't ask me as I'm bemused. Its no wonder I could never ever get anything out or in and seemed to be living in the same things from week to week. And remember I did this cleaning out of my clothes a couple of months ago. I think my clothes are multiplying in there on the quiet! Two large sacks I've filled plus I threw in some paperbacks when I got them downstairs. A job well done!
I have no internet connection which is annoying as all get out. Our broadband provider is having a massive update which could last until Jan 4th so I am having to use the laptop on the wireless connection which hooks up .....somewhere! Many thanks for this small mercy whoever and wherever you are! To add to my woes the wireless keyboard I use with my main computer gave up the ghost this morning early. I think the batteries are gone but when I changed them it still didn't work even though I did all the things one has to do when changing batteries. I don't like it anyway so will probably stick with the PS2 keyboard I found in Martin's corner. Today isn't being one of the best so far. I think I will go and look at fabric. This is always very calming.


  1. Happy New year. I do so enjoying reading your blog especially because my ancestors came from Cornwall and settled in Oz.

  2. Could you pop over the river and sort my wardrobe out? *chuckle* Seriously though, there ought to be more women around who will come and help you recycle all those beautiful but under~used clothes . . Fancy a new career in the New Year?