Wednesday, December 28, 2005

No snow but oh so cold!

Woke up to a heavy frost. And it was so very cold! After a warming porage breakfast we decided as Martin was still on holiday to go into Truro and exchange some of the clothing goodies that were on the big side. There was nothing magical about Truro at all. Why did I think there would be? I have never seen it so crowded and not a space anywhere in a car park but fortunately I was there with my clever man and he knew just the small back lane not a moment's walk from the main plaza and Marks & Spencers and we were able to park easily. And the walk was all on the flat which is quite an accomplishment in Cornwall where we are all hills. Of course there were sales everywhere and hordes of bargain hunting people, especially in M & S where we had to go. I'd never seen it so full and busy. Martin had a great time and ended up with chinos, shirts and jeans. I forced myself to buy a pair of jeans and three pairs of socks. I only bought the socks because I couldn't find the right wool to knit any. OK don't laugh! I know I'm not a knitter but I have this urge to make a pair of soft woolly anklet socks using four/five needles. My granny always made socks and they happened so quickly so I am sure that I can do it! The jeans are lovely with self coloured embroidery up one leg which may be a bit passe but I like them! Then we meandered through town to the bank which again was crowded with folk desperate to get their money out whereas I was putting my money in! Always a good feeling that! By now I was starving so we decided to head home looking in at Asda on the way to get the few things in the food line that I had run out of and for Martin to be able to wash his car in the car wash as the pipes outside at home were frozen. So a good time was had by all and after a very late lunch I fell asleep on the sofa and slept for a couple of hours. I now have to think of what to have for dinner. Life is just one long round of meal getting!
But all this is going to change. Today in the post- the first since before Christmas - I received the DVD I had ordered from Amazon. Pilates for Dummies! And I am going to get stuck into this EVERYDAY! Without fail, religiously, and with the right frame of mind! And also I'm going to cut out the sweets that seem to have crept in there and the other fat producing foods and make the effort to lose some of the extra me! Plus I'm going to walk down to the beach everyday! You all notice I'm not saying 'and going to swim!' I'm not that stupid! Well this is the idea today!Watch this space as they say!

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