Friday, December 16, 2005

Christmas pudding time!

This evening I am committed to making the Christmas puddings. Now if I were a real person I'd have made these way back in November not less than two weeks before Christmas day. But they always taste delicious anyway. The reason I'm making them now and not the day before is that I want to send one of them to my daughter Caroline. I have posted off the parcels and wrapped most of the presents. I still have a few things to buy tomorrow but they will be small and can be posted on Monday. So I am now feeling less stressed and can begin to enjoy life again. Making the puddings is very relaxing and the mixture with lots of rum and stout in it, will sit overnight so that the alcohol can soak into the fruit. The recipe I use is one of Delia Smiths and I make it every year. It is very popular in our family. I do this every other year as I make enough to put one by for next year. So that is what I shall be doing this evening.

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