Thursday, December 22, 2005

Button, button! Who's got the button?

Well not me! I want a button. Everyone is gettting a button so that people can link to their blog and I want one so that people can link to mine but it is proving beyond me to work out how to do it. The brain is rapidly becoming mashed sprouts! I need help like yesterday! Heeeeelp!
Liz at Dreaming Spirals has the best tutorial on making concertina books. I used to make these with my students to use as design notebooks for C & G work. And as well we used to make them in a very simple fashion just end to end so that a design series could be either read like a normal book or opened out to be a long banner profiling the design process. And it was while looking at the lovely little books she had made that I saw the button! Which made me want one too! I must go round collecting buttons to put on my site. Perhaps while doing that I will actually work out how to get one of my own. Well I can hope can't I? Remember hope springs eternal!
During my major clean up of the house in preparation for Christmas I came across a whole pile of hand made paper. Lots of lovely different colours and textures. Some with flower petals inserted into the paper, and others with lavender seeds which give the sheets of paper a truly delicious smell. Martin says that the paper looks as if its covered with rats droppings but then the man has no soul! Grin On my website I've got a recipe for making hand made paper. It is such an easy thing to do and is ideal for making journals and notebooks. Also good for using with Bondawebbed flowers. Tomorrow I have to find homes for all the piles of stuff I have removed from the top of chairs and tables. That is the downside of clearing up - the stuff removed has to go back to where it originally came from and often that place no longer exists. Oh woe is me!

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