Friday, December 02, 2005


I am not well! I was fine this morning and managed my class with no problems at all. Went to work and started to feel rotten. Scratchy throat, headache and tight chest. All the familiar symtoms of flu or a heavy cold. I've had the hot drink and the pills and the throat spray and still feel like death warmed up! Poor me! But I did make myself go and work on the Reflected Moons project. I managed to get the basic pieces fused on and like the effect of the organza/organdy for the reflection. I'm wondering if the top motif is a bit strong and would it be better if toned down with an overlay? I'd dearly love to know what colours Gabrielle ' associates with Val' as she wrote in her comment. I've probably gone off grain with these colours as although I like them they are not ones I actually use a lot. Not in this combination. Anyway I feel too sick to think about it anymore now, but I'm glad I did this much as now I can ponder the next stage. Time for more pills, more hot drink, a wheat bag, a good DVD in the laptop and bed! With lots of pillows! Tomorrow I have to do some Christmas shopping for things that have to be posted so if I'm never heard from again its because I didn't survive the experience!


  1. Val, so sorry you are feeling under the weather. Sending you lots of light for speedy recovery. To the colors, for the reflection to be as effective as possible, the original colors need to be brighter and you showed in your over shot....that makes the reflection work, IMHO.

  2. Look after yourself, Val - hope you feel better quickly.