Sunday, December 04, 2005

Still dying!

Well I didn't realise I would spark so much interest with my last post. So many comments and all thought provoking. I did hope by wording it the way I did that it would evoke some response so I am well pleased. Thank you all so much for your input. Jen of Bayou Quilts has continued this discussion on her blog. It makes good reading. There is an especially insightful comment from Gabrielle. It has made me think and given me an insight into how you all view things. Of course I would never ever make any critical comment where none had been asked for and I do understand that lots of people post pictures of work on their blogs with no thought of anything other than sharing. I do hope you all understood that I was talking about works in progress basically where it seemed a comment was being asked for specifically. It never used to be my wont to analyse or dissect the whys and wherefores but now since reading some people's blogs on a regular basis I do it all the time! Now is this a good thing I ask myself! Hmm! But on the other hand I have produced more work in the last five months than in the last five years so there is something going on there. And as Gabrielle says it is the teaching/art school background that makes me want to look deeper into a piece and not just accept the surface values. And last word on the subject (at least for the foreseeable future) how come that I can have 150 folk look at my blog and only get 2 or 3 comments. And always from the same dedicated few on the whole. Why do you think this is? OK its because it isn't generally very interesting. Forget I asked the question! I'm sick! I shouldn't be writing at all.

I AM still poorly sick though the throat isn't so sore. I am now at the sneezing, coughing, runny nose stage and have a bright red epiglotis! This last I find quite fascinating. I don't think I've ever had this before. Do you think I am mutating a new brand of the common cold? Grin. I'm sure this is all too much information for you. Many, many thanks for all the good wishes. They are certainly appreciated. What is sad is that I can't work up any enthusiasm for doing any work at the moment. I think I will look into the December SSL and see if I can 'capture the light' somewhere. This sounds like a really good subject to get my teeth into! Back if I find a picture.


  1. Yes, I think we all did understand, but the topic is one that has intense interest for all of us because we all know that some of the comments about some of our work are cheerful encouragement that have little to do with the value of the piece.

    But when you brought the idea to the forefront, it made me think of how the "whys and wherefores" (as you put it)have become more important in my thinking as well. I look more closely at other's works and try to discover what especially appeals to me and why. Or if something bothers me, why does it jar my view. Those with art backgrounds do have training in this, but those of us who don't are learning from the rest of you.

    Another too long response, but I do hope you are feeling better!!!

  2. Few comments does not necessarily mean that you are not interesting. Indeed if you consistently have 150 folks looking, the chances are that they are reading but just not commenting.

    I visit and read far more blogs than I comment on. Commenting can take a deal of thought-sorting, and is sometimes just too time consuming. And of course so many of us enjoy reading without having anything worthwhile further to contribute.

    I'm glad to read that your viral debris is now making its departure. Help it on its way, and you'll soon be bouncing positive again!

  3. I'm getting a bit suspicious of all the page-hits on my blog - I still get weekly updates on numbers of hits on my old blog at Statcounter and for this week it said 368 pageloads including 89 returning visitors. Well, if it's now obsolete it's strange why it's still getting these sorts of numbers.... I wonder if some of them are these search engine robots or spam things...

  4. Lots of thought provoking posts re rejection and commenting but the comment about the same few people posting is one that I often wonder about too. It's the same on chat groups and I found in groups in general - it's the same people who always make a contribution. Perhaps it's to do with confidence? I don't feel particularly confident but I'd rather be a do-er than an onlooker. I think everyone can make a worthwhile contribution. Lurkers/onlookers just frustrate me! (Not talking about my blog tho' - I'm just flattered anyone bothers to look!!)

  5. Maybe it's because we're all terribly English and therefore feel slightly guilty at the voyeur aspect of reading someone else's blog without asking/introducing ourselves first! *lol*

    Hello BTW. *wave*

    As to comments, positive or otherwise may I make a suggestion? Reading vast quantities of small text on a bright background is very irritating ~ perhaps alot of people, like myself tend to scan over it rather than read it in depth? That could possibly explain lots of hits, but few comments . . .