Thursday, November 17, 2005

Apple project 1.

Well the foot is still very sore and I have been very good about resting it and not standing on it or walking anywhere. Today I cut up some soft rubber and made myself a heel pad which I then slipped inside a woolly sock. This gave me some very spongey support....a bit like walking on a cushion. I then took myself off to my workroom and sat in front of my ironing pad and started to work on my apple project. I shall post the pictures in Hello as that is much the easiest ways to post pictures. They will work upwards from this post starting with the basics. I am very pleased so far with what I've done. The fabric was so absolutely right for this project that I decided to let it take part and not obliterate it too much. So the apples haven't been manipulated as was the case in some of my early designs in photoshop. They still look like apples but I have gone for texture. This is stage one which is the underpinnings to give shape and dimension and more of a three dimensional feel to them. I will welcome any comments as I do know I can get too much on top of a project and start to get tunnel vision. Especially as I was being careful not to keep getting up and looking at it from a distance because of the foot. I did feel that I could make corrections in stage two if necessary. So this is a step by step picture show, complete with thought processes. I work fairly quickly once I get going and intuitively know what I am wanting to achieve. The original picture helped to set shadows and shading but apart from that I was working from inside. So much satisfaction isn't good for one! Grin I shall have to have coffee now!

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