Sunday, November 06, 2005

Finishing the leaf pieces

After a really windy and wet night I got up early to find it was still raining. I think we must have had a month's rain in one night it was so heavy and continuous. So I decided to finish off the second of the applique leaf projects. This was the one I liked best though it wasn't as easy to sew due to the irregular thickness where the heavy wools and yarns went behind the leaves. I did wonder when I was applying the leaves whether I should cut away the wools but then decided that if I did that they would make a lump on the edges and it would be better to have them as an integral piece underneath. And I even put the hanging sleeve on the back too so I am now just waiting to cut the piece of dowel and hang them. There is a great satisfaction in finishing a piece of work, especially if it is a short time scale over all and not something started years ago. That has its own satisfaction quota but the initial exuberance over the work has diminished some what in the intervening time period.
At the moment I am all fished out and so can't bring myself to work up any enthusiasm for finishing the fish panels. They can wait. I only have a few weeks left to get my Katrina block finished in so I shall now dedicate my time to that and hope to post it in the last week in November. It is a pity that November is such a short month and so crammed with things to do. Essential things that can't be re-arranged. But I'll find time from somewhere. One always does when things have to be done. I'm pleased with what I've done so far. I haven't posted any pictures as I prefer to wait until it is finished. I am glad that my colour choices normally are on the bright and sassy side as it made it easier to find colours for the theme of 'All that Jazz'. Oranges, pinks, purples, lime green with hints of yellow and turquoise....right up my street!
The clearing out is being so successful that I am now forced to take a break while I get the give aways out of the house. The dustman comes on Tuesday so all the rubbish will go then. And then at the end of the week my students will benefit. And anything left will be recycled Thursday week. I have decided not to anonymously gift my friends as I don't have that many friends that I can afford to alienate them! grin But all this does mean that now I can have guests to stay without them being afraid of 'dying by fabric'! The collapse of tubs onto the bed or worse! lol But having said that I am finding it hard to get rid of the little stuff. The lengths of broderie anglais trimming; the pieces of silver netting; the hand made paper; the shells; the myriad bottles of mixed beads;the wired and satin ribbons in various lengths; the bric a brac in general. All this is causing me angst! I think I am going to make it all up into packs of stuff and sell it. I will blog about it when I'm done. If anyone is interested in stuff like this plus fabric and thread then email me.
Must have some lunch and collect the papers. I love wintery Sunday afternoons in front of the fire reading the papers! Crumpets for tea! Yummy!


  1. This looks yummy, love the greens and oranges together and the way it looks organic.