Thursday, November 10, 2005


My curtains have dyed very well. The rust one is definitely rust and the lime green one is a very nice brown with greens and touches of yellow. Much nicer than it sounds. The green obviously wasn't strong enough to overcome the grey and so with the laws of colour mixing the two together gave me the brown. The pinks and creams being so pale to start with have turned into various shades of green and heaven alone knows where the yellow came from! But at least I won't have to overdye them again.

I am addicted to playing with the SSL in Photoshop. It is so fascinating to see what happens. I want to cut up some of these pieces and re-arrange them. I was sure there was a slice tool for doing this in Corel but I can't find it. Now the only slice tools are for website stuff. Must read the manuals. Actually this tool is probably in draw and I am using photo paint. I can't insert into draw as it won't accept the format. I'll post some of my later playings. I particularly like the liquify effect as it gets the image completely away from its original format. If only the actual sewing were as quick!
My parcels came today. Both of them which was good as I won't have to try and be in two places at once tomorrow. I have been able to aquire the following books which will give me hours of reading pleasure over the weekend between dyeings. There are some great pictures in these books and lots of tips and how to's! I am not a hand sewer and I don't have the time to do applique by hand but these books are very inspirational and although they won't get me into hand stitching they will push the edges for me!
Particularly the Quilter's Garden which is the later book. I just didn't recognise Gabrielle as of eleven years ago!

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