Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Nothing Day!

Today I have done nothing of any note. It has been a non day. I did clear a couple of drawers though and found a few treasures; some of which I've posted below. But on the whole this has not been a productive day. I have read a book! What more can I say!

It has been most enjoyable and educational as well to read on many of the American blogs that I look at about the way you celebrate Thanksgiving. This is not the big thing over here in the UK as it is in the States. We don't get a holiday for a start, nor do we have the big turkey dinner, saving this instead for Christmas. I like the thought of actively thinking about the things one has to be grateful for and giving thanks though I also feel this should be a daily activity! One of the things in the last year which has given me great pleasure and I'm grateful for is the finding of so many kindred spirits via the internet. I have made so many friends and learnt so much and done so much that I can honestly say that the last ten years or so of my life have been much fuller in many ways than the years that have gone before. It has been a time of enrichment for me both creatively and mentally. So I'd like to thank you all for just being there and being computer savvy so that you felt the need to communicate via the web and break the global barriers. May you all have a most enjoyable Thanksgiving and the year ahead hold even more joys and growth for you.

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  1. Thanks Valeri, beautifully put. I love that I have been able to learn so much from so many other artists. Amazing when you think about it, how easily we reach across the world to chat, like neighbors across the fence. Jen