Sunday, November 13, 2005

Not doing an awful lot!

I'm having a lazy Sunday and spent the morning looking at other people's blogs. Most interesting occupation I know of for a lazy Sunday morning. I was fascinated by Frances collography piece. Or should that be collographic piece? Well whatever, it was a lovely piece. I haven't done any printmaking of any description since I left college and that is decades ago. But I do have an amazing press which I've had since I was at college. An old man who lived near us gave it to me when his even older aunt died. She used to print religious tracts! I've lost the typesetting stuff in one of my many moves but I've used it on and off for pressing flowers. I wonder if I could use if for this? I did etching at college and used it for printing etched plates and it worked really well. I like the idea of doing some printing. I did silk screen painting with Zandra Rhodes who was one of our tutors and when I had more room this was something I enjoyed doing but since being where I am now there isn't the room to do very much at all! And I've probably forgotten all I knew as well. I'd love to do a class with Rayna!


  1. oooo you lucky thing you, one part of me wants a press but I still have lots of fabric I printed on to quilt,

  2. What a great press! Looks like it would be wonderful for printing, but also just a great-looking thing! I have old etching plates and carved lino blocks from college days. I'd love to try printing on fabric, but have no press. I would love to find an old press somewhere.