Sunday, November 27, 2005

Time Warp II

I feel I've slept through a month and its New Year's Eve. There are Gabrielle and Melody Johnson re-inventing themselves as if it was time for New Year's resolutions only they arn't calling them resolutions. They have become transitions. Well that is Gabrielle's name for it. But isn't it a bit early to be looking back? And Terry Grant is taking stock of her life having read the previous two blogs. So heaven alone knows how many people are now doing this. I just feel I've been cheated of a month. Not only is Christmas being pushed in my face by every shop keeper in the land but now its New Year's resolution time as well. OK so I'm weird. I'm not denying it! To me December is a month to let my hair down in. To stop worrying about all the things I didn't get done; to do the things I really, really want to do and make lots of plans for the holiday of which only about 20% will be actually done! But I won't stress over it as life's too short and it ought to be fun with a capital F. So I don't want to lose this month by leaping ahead into 2006. When it comes, yes I'll look back and see if I can tidy up my life as well as my cupboards. I have lost just about everything I had in this life and it taught me lots of lessons. Now I have a part-time job so that I don't have to rely on selling my art. I make things because I enjoy doing it and its part of me but I am controlled by the driving force that's me not the money aspect as I've been down that road and it doesn't work. Each project I do is different. I used to think this was bad and that I ought to have a style of my own but now I don't care. If I like it that's good. If anyone else like's it that's terrific but not necessary! If it sells then it's icing on the cake. I would die if I couldn't dye! (Sorry! grin) So its lucky for me that my fabric sells so that I don't have a house crammed to the gunnals with dyed fabric. But I'm not going to make any resolutions or transitions until after Christmas. This isn't the time for clean linen as far as I'm concerned but I wish those who are taking the leap a soft landing! What will you do for New Year's resolutions?


  1. I'm with ya on this one, Valeri. We can cheer them on with some eggnog or something. ;-)

  2. Can I join the party? I think that your outlook is right on as far as I'm concerned. Esp. the part about having a style of your own. I haven't found mine yet, and I enjoy trying different techniques a great deal. And I also enjoy my own handdyes very much.