Monday, November 14, 2005

Not a lot to say!

Well its being a typical Monday. Apart from clearing up after the ravages of the weekend I've done very little. I did audition some fabrics for the 'Five Apples' piece and put fusing onto the fabrics I liked and cut out some shapes ready to fuse. Now I need to make them more painterly as Gabrielle would say. This is the part I enjoy when a blank canvas, or what seems like a blank canvas, comes to life. I also want to add extra fabric as highlights and textures. But its a start! Tomorrow I have to go and have a cortisone injection in the heel of my left foot. I managed to bruise the underneath of my foot quite badly at the beginning of the summer and it still isn't right so I am now going for the last resort. I shall then have to rest up and have a few days off work. Never a bad idea! I'm not looking forward to this as it is going to be quite painful. I had a cortisone injection in my right arm for tennis elbow earlier this summer and the arm is fine now so I am hopeful but then an arm isn't carrying the weight that a foot is! And I'm very careful to wear a sports support on the arm if I'm going to be lifting or carrying heavy weights such as sewing machines or tubs of fabric.
If you haven't read it yet go to DebR's site and read her entry for this month in the Blogging 4 Books contest entitled 'Going Home'. It is so very insightful and encapsulates all the thoughts that I have about home. I was tempted to add this exercise to my daily load but decided that I was already snowed under with far more than I can do. But I'm glad I read DebR's entry. Well worth a read. It's interesting to think that until one loses both of one's parents one is always a child however old you are. And then when orphaned at whatever age one suddenly grows up quickly and becomes the adult. It must be very hard when all one's generation have died before one and there is no-one left who remembers the same things you do. My mother is in this situation as all her family and friends have died and she is the last one left. She has us but that isn't the same. This remembrance day was very poignant for her as she remembers the second world war well but she has nobody to reminisce with about the good or bad times. But at least while she is alive I know there is someone who accepts me for what I am, warts and all!


  1. Glad you liked the essay, Valeri.

  2. Ouch, just the thought of a needle in my heel makes me cringe. Hope you get great results...steriods usually do the trick.