Friday, November 25, 2005

Snow, glorious snow!

We don't very often get snow here in Falmouth having a fairly mild climate. We used to be called the Cornish Riviera because the weather was so equable. However today it is snowing and the world has gone mad. It is nigh on impossible to leave Cornwall or get into Cornwall as the snow has blocked the roads across Bodmin moor. There are queues of traffic, accidents and the army has been called in as they are treating it as an emergency since loads of people have been marooned in their cars since this morning. In Truro it was all OK and then within twenty minutes it was total chaos and impossible to drive anywhere thanks to the heavy snow falling and the idiocy of many drivers. I only live five minutes drive up the road to where I work but it took me twenty minutes to actually get home thanks to the antics of others on the road! And the traffic going in the opposite direction was queued back for miles! Its mad! And compared to the rest of the country we haven't had that much snow! Poor Martin has been trying to get home from Redruth for the last couple of hours. This is a town 12 miles from us! He reckons at the rate he's going he'll be here by 9.oopm. A lot of the trouble is that we are hilly here and there are hills to go up and hills to go down and thereby lies the trouble. If I'm cosy and warm indoors and we don't lose the electricity and gas I can quite enjoy the snow. I have lots of supplies and a coal fire and oil lamps if necessary plus a good book! And I can always get the ski's out and ski to the shops! You may grin but I have done this in the past when we have had one of our bad years of snow and ice. Happens about every twenty years or so! Martin used to live in Norway so he's had experience of being totally snowbound so it never phases him. And I was brought up in the South East when I was young and it is much colder there. Also in the fifties and sixties the weather was colder. And to think the sky was blue this morning!


  1. Valeri, I was picturing you tucked up indoors nice and cosy with your stitching when I saw the newsreel pictures!

  2. My kids were very disappointed that their schools weren't closed, especially since those further into South Wales were.... we only had about a centimetre and it had all melted by midday...