Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Simple Still Life

I had fun playing with this in photoshop. I shall post the pictures in Hello as there is far less angst associated with this method of uploading pictures. Having got several ideas as to how I can alter the image I shall now try enlarging and printing and then cutting it up and re-jigging it. Other than this I don't have a lot to blog about as it has been one of those days. I am feeling very unhappy as I can't have my cupboard after all. The place I wanted it was apparently too close to the radiator and so I have bowed to superior? minds and shelved the idea for the time being. So I am feeling somewhat tharted!
Yesterday's post from Lisa was very illuminating (To blog or not to blog) and made me think about why I keep a blog. Yes, I do like comments but having said that I don't think I write specifically for the public. Its nice if they enjoy the site but the main reason is to work through the thoughts in my head. By writing it all down, warts and all, I am able to make decisions more quickly or see things that otherwise would get missed. I do try to write something everyday as if it were a diary because the discipline of doing this is good for me. I'm sorry that I offended Frances by ignoring Scotland but that was because I was thinking of those bloggers near to me. In my book Scotland is a long way away and where Frances lives even further. Anyway I'm sorry Frances, please don't be miffed! Comments can be immeasurably useful as they can be the catalyst that makes or breaks a piece of work or planned action. They are often the yardstick by which I judge how I'm doing. So please keep them coming!

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  1. oh Valeri your post made me laugh, if I'm in Scotland how can I be 'even further'
    I was not miffed for long but since I moved to Scotland I have noticed how much is England centred and it has come as a shock because I know I am guilty and am trying to 'change'

    glad to see you have joined us for SSL and I too am finding 'playing' in photoshop can be a serious time waster or full of designs I will never have time to do because I am still playing.....