Monday, November 07, 2005

Monday, Monday!

Today has been a typical Monday. Apart from receiving the lovely postcard from Corinne nothing of note has happened. The morning drifted by without an awful lot being achieved. I have arranged for one of my students to come for coffee tomorrow morning and relieve me of lots of pieces of fabric. This will clear up my landing somewhat. That is the trouble with clearing out.....unless one is completely trashing something it will sit around until the disposal method becomes available. So from having a cluttered workroom I've gone to having a cluttered landing! But not for long!
I am suffering from anti-climax. I've finished the two leaf projects and don't have anything else on the boil that I want to do. Well there are things I want to do but not right now. The Katrina block is proving a Godsend as I can sit and handsew in the evenings while talking with Martin but it doesn't fulfill the need to use the sewing machine or paint!
Many thanks go to Caitlin for showing an old book of Gabrielle's on her site. This was a book I hadn't come across before but I've been able to get hold of a copy (new to me!) and eagerly await its arrival at the end of the week. When it comes to books I am a complete addict. I haven't got to the clearing out my books bit yet in the general clearout but it will be hard! But if I'm to get any more books onto the shelves then clear out I must. There are books there that I no longer read because they are too simple or because I've moved on or even because I've given up that particular craft. So they must go!
I must now organise my hand-outs for this week's classes. The Baltimore Album students are doing a basket with ivy. I'll post a picture of my sample. I hope they enjoy doing it as much as I did. Even though it was all handwork I had fun!

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