Saturday, November 26, 2005

Simple Still Life: Beginning to (almost) End!

Simple Still Life #3

I've been running with this one all month and having a lot of fun. The first pictures I took were:

I did some changing using filters in Photoshop and had a lot of fun. I really enjoyed liquifying them. Here are some of the results.

Ripple effect. Looks just like carved wood.

However I liked this effect (below) and decided to use it as a starting point for an actual piece of work which you can see the creation of in a step by step account in previous posts in the blog. The final piece has yet to be photographed and posted because it isn't finished yet....but hopefully this weekend or early next week!

This effect is 'shrink-wrapped' and although I have gone a long way from the look it was the starting point for me. This is how it is looking now!


  1. This is great, the stitching on the apples looks so good. I love how you added the handstitching

  2. Thanks for sharing so much of your process, Valeri. I love the stitching too, it brings so much texture and life to the piece.

    Glad you weathered your snow storm. We have ridiculous traffic when it rains a lot, how silly is that? Jen

  3. When you look at the larger version the stitching is just great! Did you use net in the yellowy one or is it all just stitch texture? very nice job.