Saturday, November 12, 2005

Specific dyeing!

I wasn't going to write today as I have been so busy dyeing and attending a meeting this morning that I didn't think I'd find time to fit it in. However I'm now waiting for the second batch of dyeing to come out. Mainly I have been dyeing basic building block colours today and overdyeing some pieces that have stuck and not sold. But also I have dyed some backgrounds for my apple piece. I have been so taken with one or two of the photoshop results that I am going to follow through in a small piece of work. Ideas are crowding my head; so much so that I am having difficulty thinking of anything else. I even found myself doodling on my agenda at the meeting and having to ask my neighbour what was going on several times! Bad girl! But I love it when an idea grabs like this. It is so exciting and enervating. The background pieces are just what I wanted and I am sure that I will find exactly what I want in them. I'll post some pics of a couple that are nearly dry. The only problem I can forsee is if they dry very much lighter than they are now. I realise that they will be lighter but I have allowed for this. And I have also ended up with colours that are just right for the 'apples'. (not shown) Not that they will actually look like apples. Funnily enough when I first took the piece out of the washing machine I thought, ugh failure! And then it dawned on me that the splodges of colour were just the yellows and peachy-reds for the 'apple' shapes. So serendipity for me!
The second batch has just come out and it is right away from my usual line. This is because these were mostly overdyes. And I have been heavy handed with the dye to make sure that I cover up some of the other colours. Well they are amazing and will provide very useful pieces for the applique-ers in my groups. I think I will call them my Forest Collection as mostly they are greens with a bit of brown or deep mahogany red. Or how about Godzilla meets the Thing from the Depths? Grin! So now just to wait for the third and last batch and then I can go to bed! This lot is all pastels. I had a commission to do some sunset pieces so that is what these are mainly plus some light to dark blues. So no surprises there.
Several of these pieces I will snaffle before they see the light of day as they are just what I need for background pieces. There is something very satisfying about visualising a piece and then having it come out as near as damn it exact! Like the backgrounds I'm going to post pictures of in a minute. Especially as this is dyeing and not painting. Having blown my own trumpet enough for one day I'll now go and sort out the pictures.

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  1. I really enjoyed your blog - it's put me in the mood to do one. I'm a mixed media artist who also enjoys fabric art - and have only just started dyeing stuff. I want to do some space dyeing but can't find instructions.