Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Getting Started!

Well I think I achieved more or less everything on my list which is very pleasing. I managed to get started on the Reflected Moons project. This is a piece which has been percolating in my brain for a while now and I have lots of ideas which are firming as I type. I know exactly what I want but not too sure as to how much I am going to work into the moons. They won't be as worked into as the apples as I am going for a different look. Now its started I will be motivated to continue with it. I haven't got a very big workroom. Its about 7 x 6.5 which is minute but I manage to make every inch work. This piece is going to be quite long but I'm keeping it fairly narrow as it makes it easier to manipulate in such a confined space. The background fabric is 20 x 60 but it will not be quite as wide as that and not quite as long.

I also found time to do some stamping. I love playing with inks and paints. I used Stewart Gill paints for this, mainly metallica with some colourise. This is just the first layer. I shall work into this with permanent markers but I didn't have time today. I have two pieces of glass plate which I keep especially for doing mono -printing on. Could I find either of them? No! So I had to use a piece of ordinary picture glass which was quite fragile as I explained to Martin when I was cleaning up! Making quite a point of this in case he moved things while I was at work. Having said all that I placed it against the window ledge and minutes later it fell down! Whew! Lucky me! It didn't break! Martin was all ready to make a few well chosen comments but was foiled at the last minute. He had to content himself with telling me how stupid I was to stack it up anyway! Oh well par for the course! If it had broken he would have been there clearing it up for me. He's a sweetie really! But where are my pieces of plate glass? This is what major clear outs do!

Must do more hand outs. Oh and I've lost the time thing at the bottom of blogger. Is this me or have they made changes?

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  1. I found the date/time thingy this morning! They've now hidden it in a drop-down menu (the idiots!). At the bottom of your "create post" window, look for a line that says something like "comment features" (or something like that!) and has a little right-pointing arrow. Click on that and the date/time thingy reappears.