Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Wow doesn't say it all! I've had over 10,000 people look at my blog since I started in May. I am amazed. In fact gob smacked would be nearer the mark! When I started little did I think even in my wildest dreams that so many people would be interested in what I had to say. Thank you all. A few more comments wouldn't go amiss! Grin! I like to know what you're thinking.

I've worked out ( I think I have anyway) that the 10,000th visitor was from College Station in Texas (204.56.144). Now if that is you and you care to email me I'd be happy to send you a couple of pieces of my hand-dyed fabric just to mark the occasion!


  1. I keep thinking I should do some sort of prize for a significant number visitor but I never seem to notice at the right time to catch it!

    Of course, being me, I could always offer a prize to some totally odd-numbered visitor I suppose!

    I like the latest stitching on your apples.

  2. The apples are looking tastier and tastier. I'm following this with interest as I love seeing the process from photo,to possibilities and decisions, and through actual creation.