Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Back on top but still no broadband!

Well I'm feeling good because I've started working again. Not my everyday work but actual textile work! This is probably because I still don't have a broadband connection and have no idea how long this will be off for. Despite repeated messages left there has been no communication with our ISP and I have now written them a letter as I am so displeased with their status updates which are almost non existent. I am concerned because if the connection I'm using belongs to my neighbour on one side then she is moving on Friday and I shall be up the creek without a paddle. No blogging, no reading emails, no nothing - no life! I shall be very upset. I could always keep my blog going at work but with no pictures. I shall be losing the will to live...I can see it now. So fingers crossed that it isn't her.
What textile work have I been doing? I've been painting leaves on fabric so that I can continue with my 'Leaves' series. I have ideas for more and want to eventually do a leaves by moonlight piece. This next one is going to be 'Leaves in the Winter' as I have noticed that all the leaves are either brown for dead or green for evergreen. I have really enjoyed doing these leaves. They arn't quick to do but then painting isn't always that quick is it? I had a lot of crayons for Christmas of one sort or another and all ideal for fabric. Some are water soluble such as the Aquarelle crayons and you can see in the picture above that I over did the water. Just as well I am not going to use the piece as it is but am going to add fusible to the back and cut out the leaf shapes. You see what you got me into Gabrielle? I am having so much fun with this and that is what I have decided for this year that I won't be doing things that don't add a fun element to my life. I don't enter shows as I can't be doing with all the entry stuff and also I'm not organised enough to keep up to scratch with the entry dates but I am contemplating doing a joint exhibition with another textile worker I know.
I'm also contemplating starting a salon as advertised by 'art biz connection'. This is a group of artists who are all dedicated to selling their work, focused on attaining goals and helping each other. There are nine 'meetings' each one every other week. So eighteen weeks in all. A minimum of three in a salon so it isn't going to be hard to recruit. I think five would be a good number. And the bonus being that the energy created can only carry the members forward to greater things. Next week I shall arrange a coffee morning for those people I think would be interested and take it from there. Sounds like a fun idea. Remember fun is the way to go this year. Again I have to thank Gabrielle for pointing me in this direction. What would I do without her. Just as well she doesn't live just down the road or I'd be camping on her doorstep! Grin!
Well I've got a good book to read. Another Sue Grafton mystery! And I've got the socks to knit. You will no doubt be pleased to hear that I have done the heel flap and am now about to start the shaping! This is such a journey for me and I'm in two minds as to whether it comes under the heading of 'fun' but I've started so I'll finish....eventually!


  1. Don't suppose there is some other 'net server you could switch to and just say to hell with the ones who won't get back to you? I hope it gets fixed soon!!!

  2. Good luck with the Salon idea! Let us know how you get on. I saw that on Art Biz Blog too. Hope you keep some kind of internet connection!

  3. I accept total responsibility for getting you in have my permission to blame me at will. To be perfectly honest, I wish I did live down the road a piece...what trouble we could brew.