Monday, January 02, 2006


I can't believe how bereft I feel not being able to send emails. I can download emails and I can get on line but I can't send anything. In fact for most of today my computer has been turned off which is quite strange also. I have such a heap of emails to reply to that I am hoping that folk won't be thinking me ill mannered and rude not to be replying to them. I will eventually just not yet.
So I have started the socks! Well ankle socks ...there is a difference. Its not that I can't knit, just that I don't enjoy it that much. But I dearly want a pair of ankle socks in THIS wool(see picture above) so I am forced to do the dreaded knitting..on four needles would you believe. It feels so uncomfortable and I seem to have points sticking in me all over the place. The pattern is very simple..thank the Lord ....but even so I am having to concentrate really hard and I notice that I am reverting to childhood in that as I concentrate my tongue hangs out! What odds do you give that I will get a sock finished? And what odds on getting TWO socks finished! I am soon going to have to go head to head with something called 'short rows'. And I read in one of the online sock posts that one has to be careful to get heel and toe in the same hemisphere or else one has to deform one's foot! This scares the bejasus out of me! But at the moment I haven't even started the heel so it could become a moot point as to where the toe goes as I might never get there! I'm going to take some pictures so that you can see how wonderful this wool is that I am mangling to death. Then I'm going to do some pilates. I am feeling very virtuous in that I finished all the postcards for the swap I'm in so I'll be able to post them on Wednesday. What odds that I'll be able to email again by then. Hope springs eternal! Its the only thing that is keeping me going computer wise. But I am getting lots of sewing and reading done and I've spent an hour in the attic tidying stuff away. I have got a wipe clean chart for planning my month but can't find a big enough space to hang it. Isn't that typical! Other than that the New Year has started well and as planned.


  1. Tubes, babe, tubes. As in Tube Socks. No heels, no toes, no worries about hemispheres! You really made me laugh on that one! Make short socks, roll the tops down, and tell people they're ankle socks. (I'm such a cheater!)

  2. Val, have you contacted your ISP? This email thing has been going on too long. It could be them or it could be you need to reinstall something. Just a thought.